I’m posting this because lately I’ve been hearing a lot of shit when it comes to certain female wrestler’s wrestling ability. And some people are mad their favs aren’t main eventing a certain PPV. Meanwhile it takes someone like Natalya who is probably if not the best active female wrestler to put it into perspective. She backs up my point and makes the biggest point that IWC and certain fans don’t see or want to see. Without offending anyone that was and still is the truth.


(side note: belahrenee & cherokeemilkshake, did y’all see Schatz in the back?)

Oh god, I was laughing—was he fucking moonwalking? This interview is great and I’m ngl I’m a lil O.O for Nattie putting AJ on blast. But good for her too—I mean I love AJ, but I guess for me, is it that she doesn’t *want* to try new shit, or she’s not *allowed* to try new shit, ya know? I honestly love the female wrestlers in WWE and hate that they don’t get more attention.

THASSSS WHAT I THOUGHT!!! I was like, “Did Schatz attempt a moonwalk?… lol. I’m happy Nattie spoke up because AJ has, in a lot of interviews, painted the entire divas roster as unprofessional, overly sensitive, pretty faces who don’t work & pull strings backstage…  I’m just a fan & that occurred to me, that maybe AJ’s not allowed to incorporate new things in matches… but that option was blown out when I saw how often Paige, Nikki, & Naomi switched it up in the ring.

Exactly. Which speaks to how more talented they are in the ring than AJ Lee is. And how wrestling fans refuse to see it b/c she is a fav of their’s like Kelly Kelly and Maryse were, The divas chose to stay quiet, but AJ chose to shoot on them for popularity.

Yeah, & people will put it all down to her being a heel… A heel’s purpose is to make your opponents look good. She just totally buried them… relying on the fact that a lot of fans hold against these women how they were brought into the company… some of the divas were brought in as just pretty faces (the divas who came in through Diva Searches or who came from reality shows such as Tough Enough.) & others were from wrestling families… in all these cases, these women were brought in with no character development, which AJ had from the get… Her gimmick was the gamer chick who wasn’t like the other girls because she didn’t care about superficial shit… & then she had all that time in main storylines with the top superstars… You’d think she would be more strategic in how she cut that promo… but no, she only made herself look good. It was terrible for the divas division… that’s the main reason I’ve never come around to liking her.

Reading this convo as someone who’s a big fan of AJ’s, you can see how hurtful it is to the other girls who try to push through to make a name for themselves. I honestly never thought of them as pretty faces, I could see the drive within all of them, especially Aksana in her last months there that they wanted to be a big part of the company. It’s not cool to do on any levels, and I’m glad Nattie is such a class act within this interview.

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Eh I gotta say I kinda like that most of the divas are on Total Divas. I think in the last few years its been getting harder and harder for a diva to get over, get tv time or even have any kind of character. It’s obvious Vince likes AJ and gave her opportunities that the other divas didn’t and…

This. This.

It’s hit me. 

I should have made my Ambrollins debut as a stand alone fic not part of an ensemble…


Not sure if last night’s Raw was actually Monday Night Raw or three hours of emotional and psychotic Ambrollins porn.

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yep, here we go again
we know you love him, Randy 


yep, here we go again

we know you love him, Randy 

Watching Raw…. 

Owwww…..my Centon feels hurt.

Randal having a PMS promo and John coming down to sort him out.


Sweets for my sweet! Tom Daley and boyfriend Dustin Lance Black share a bag of pick ‘n’ mix on romantic stroll

However DLB keeps his youth, I need it…the guy barely looks 30 let alone 40!

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So my dash just did a thing…

Live stills from the newes chapter of When Raw Wraps…head on over to FF to find out more;)And you don’t even need to pay £9.99…


So my dash just did a thing…

Live stills from the newes chapter of When Raw Wraps…head on over to FF to find out more;)

And you don’t even need to pay £9.99…

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Remind me never to look forward to a woman’s match again if it’s my fave vs AJ. Ugh.

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