“Stephanie McMahon slays.”

Oh yes bitch.

Stephanie McMahon slays.”

Oh yes bitch.

Best sounding car of the meeting…#1989 #Mercedes C11 #v8 #groupc #fury #motorsport #silverstoneclassic (at Village B, Silverstone Circuit)

Knuckles, looking rather dashing. (10 weeks old)

Knuckles, looking rather dashing. (10 weeks old)

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Happy 34th Birthday Dolph Ziggler!

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Best of Saturdays action #silverstoneclassic #motorsport #cars #racing #mustang #ford #falcon #mclaren #f1 #cortina

Best of Saturdays action #silverstoneclassic #motorsport #cars #racing #mustang #ford #falcon #mclaren #f1 #cortina

#Lotus at village corner @silverclassic @classiclotus #silverstoneclassic  (at Village B, Silverstone Circuit)

#Lotus at village corner @silverclassic @classiclotus #silverstoneclassic (at Village B, Silverstone Circuit)

Angry Mercedes c11 #fury #v8 #lemans #groupc #silverstoneclassic #silverstone #paddock #motorsport (at The Wing - International Paddock, Silverstone)

Reblogging for the lab….awwwww!!!!

Reblogging for the lab….awwwww!!!!

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Just a thought 

This Eva hate is doing my head in. Let’s just think about a few things:

Natalya has been training and working this since her teens. She’s now 32. That’s at least ten years.

Paige has been doing it since she was 13. 8 years.

Eva’s barely had a year. Seriously dudebro Smark pricks, please undergo a scant year at best of wrestling training and film it to show us what ring generals and mat technicians you become. When you’ve finished fapping over the Daily Diva.

That is all

monkeychusetts whispered, "Wait what is your opinion on fans booing and being vulgar at Eva marie?"


PSA to people who hate Eva Marie: if you don’t like her, if you don’t think she belong on tv:don’t chant stupid shit at her because you’re a giant baby, don’t tag your posts #she can’t wrestle #but id still tap it because she’s not a peice of meat, don’t send her shitty tweets about how she should get injured when you can’t handle a hangnail, she is a living breathing person with feelings and guess what, us untrained folk probably can’t even run the ropes properly and stop acting like you’d be better than her because 9/10 people aren’t cut out for wrestling.

If you wanna use an Eva match as a pissbreak, I can’t stop you, and I frankly don’t care, but if you go to a show and chant sexist or demoralizing shit at her you’re garbage because you’d cry and piss and shit your pants if people did that to you.

"But she’s a diva she should be prepared for that" she’s been wrestling for a short time and no one ever gave her a chance, not even the wwe! How is that fair! They stick her on tv and in matches against people who have been wrestling for years, don’t have her train, just stand there and be pretty! If you have a problem, take it to the wwe, not her. She’s doing the job she’s told to do, and she’s not hurting anybody. Jack Swagger hurts people, boo him instead.

Not to mention dudebros will whip their dick out any time they see some sexy skin but then act like divas are the worst thing on the planet but that’s typical fedora friendzone behavior, isn’t it?

Don’t you love feeding the stereotype that wrestling fans are fat virgin losers? I’m pretty sure I saw buttloads of girls and women at Battleground, like my high school AP Micro and Macro Economics teacher and her daughter, so only slashshipper girls watch wrestling huh?

Eva Marie isn’t the worst thing to happen to wrestling. Marks who are really smarks, who think they know the inside of Vince McMahon’s asshole are.

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